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P.T. Unitama Analitika Perkasa was established in 1997 and started the operation in 1998. Loaded with the mission to provide the customer with the  best product & after sales sevice of analytical instrument, we continue to have this mission for our new principal : Agilent Technologies.

As the best distributor of previously Varian Inc. in South East Asia, P.T. Unitama Analitka Perkasa will provides same and even better service for you in Pre Sales, Application Related Questions, Sales and last but not the least is the After Sales. Currently, we have 8 principals which are Agilent Technologies (USA), Skalar B.V. (Netherland), SII(japan), Eltra (German), Syrris (UK), Oxford Instrument (UK), Zahner (Germany) dan LI-COR (USA)

We distribute Agilent Technologies  Spectroscopy Products such as : AAS, ICP-OES, UV-Vis-NIR, FT-IR, Spectrofluorometer, Disintegration Tester, etc are also available. We still inherit  some Chromatography products such as Preparative HPLC, GPC/SEC. Last but not least we are still your one stop shopping for consumables supplies for Spectroscopy (Hollow Cathode Lamp, Cuvette, Flow Cell, Torch, Tubings, etc).

Agilent Technologies (previously Varian Inc.) product has been widely installed in almost every provinces in Indonesia. Skalar Analytic B.V. provides one of the best solution for Continuous Flow Analyzer (Auto Analyzer) for your Anion analysis, Total Organic Carbon (High Temperature, Low Temperature, Total Nitrogen and Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen) Analyzer for Liquid and Solid sample, Carbon Nitrogen Analyzer based on Dumas Method, Robotic Analyzer ( for your chemical automation of BOD, COD and pH analysis) and Online Water Analyzer for industrial and environmental monitoring.

Syrris Ltd. manufactures the best Batch Chemistry Synthesis Reactors and Flow Chemistry Synthesis Reactors, Custom Reactor is available too.
Zahner GmbH manufactures Highest End Eletrochemical Workstation including Controlled Intensity Modulated Photoelectrochemical Spectroscopy.
LI-COR is the most referenced manufacture for Photosynthesis, Leaf Area & Leaf Area Index, Soil Flux CO2, Light Measurements and Eddy Covariance System.
Oxford Instrument manufacture one of the best Benchtop NMR system for measuring Fat, Solid Fat Content, Wax in Oil in industry, Hydrogen Content in Fuel, Core Analysis, Polymer, Alcohol & Triglyceride Content, etc.

Hitachi High Tech Science (previously Seiko SII Nanotechnology) delivers one of the best analyser for Differential Scanning Calorimeter, TG/DTA, TMA and DMS.
Eltra manufactures one of the best Thermogravimetric Analyser for Coal and Carbon Sulfur Hydrogen Analyser for Coal, Steel and Mining Industry and also Oxygen Nitrogen Hydrogen Analyser.